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Advice from Childnet on Cyberbullying:  (

The internet is an amazing resource and can be used in a number of positive ways. However, content posted online can be easily misunderstood by others and taken out of context. It is important for young people to recognise the importance of 'thinking before you post' and the need to respect their friends' and peers' thoughts and feelings online. What's considered morally right and wrong offline must also be thought of in the same way online, and treating others with respect on the internet is a good way to ensure that online situations are less likely to escalate into cyberbullying situations.

  1. Don’t reply: most of the time the bully is looking for a reaction when they’re teasing or calling someone nasty names.  Remind young people not to reply, if they do they’re giving the bully exactly what they want. 
  2. Save the evidence: encourage young people to save the evidence of any emails or text messages they receive. This is so they have something to show when they do report the cyberbullying.
  3. Tell someone: encourage young people to tell a trusted adult if they are being cyberbullied, and to tell them as soon as they can in order to minimise their own upset or worry.
Should any child feel they are experiencing cyberbullying, either inside or outside of school, please contact us & we will support you with this, 
Check out these links to find more information about staying safe online:
Childnet -
Thinkuknow -

If you require any paper copies of information on our website, please contact the school office.