Learning Council

Learning Council


Learning Council is made up from one pupil from each class from Year 3 to Year 6. 

These pupils are voted for by the class.

The aim of the Learning Council is:

  • to make children at the school more aware of what good learning is
  • have pupils' contributions into what makes a good lesson
  • get children more involved in the learning process
  • to hear from children what helps them to learn 
  • to maximise enjoyment in the learning process
The Learning Council will meet half termly to discuss a variety of topics about our school. The Learning Council will also feed back to the school about what they feel works and what they would like to see more of.
This is what some of our Year 3 children say about their learning :

"The way I learn in school, when I'm stuck I look back and then my other work helps me."

"I like how the teachers teach us because they help us."

"I like how in English skills we look at different texts."

"The learning I like is handwriting because I have been practicing and I like ticking the ones I like because it makes me feel proud."

"I like how the teacher helps us because she helps us to understand by talking through things."

"I like maths because they explain what we are doing and then we move on and do it."

"I like PSHE because I like the weekly reflection because I stay quiet and reflect on what I have learnt and what is my favourite part of my week."

"I like science because we get to do things."

"When I am stuck on something I know I cant always do it but that’s ok."

"I like being in the learning pit because mistakes make us learn."

"I like PE. I didn’t like rugby before but now I do because I know how to play."