Activities for all

These activities are for everyone at Carrington Junior School to try.
The Ickabog
Have you heard of JK Rowling's new book the Ickabog? Click on the link below to get reading and listen to recorded chapters.
Computing for all with 
Click on the link below and try one of the Hour of Code challenges. Each one has about 12 parts and will enable you to solve problems within a game or create a music video. It's great fun and has help buttons if you get stuck. Spend a bit of time on this and you will soon know more than most adults! 
Using the link above, select an activity for the right age and get coding! Have fun exploring and learning. 
Virtual tours
The links below allow you to visit museums far around the world. Keep coming back here - the tours on offer will change every few weeks. 
Some of the links are links to videos of expeditions and explorations. 
These are the virtual tours from the first four weeks of home learning.
Art activities
Have you always wanted to be a better artist? Do you want to get better at drawing but don't know how? 
Remember that art is all about growth mindset - nobody can do it as well as they'd like to when they first start out. Why not rewatch the 'Austin's butterfly' clip below to remind you how important it is to keep trying in art.
The links below give you a few different ideas to try out, some are related to drawing particular characters or objects and some are ideas for how to draw whole scenes. Whatever you decide to try out, remember that you will probably need to have more than one go before you feel really happy with what you have done.