Carrington Junior School
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The School Day

Our School Day
School starts at 8.55am
The gate opens at 8.40 am and closes at 8.50 am.
Children will go straight to their classrooms and begin their learning. Morning tasks include, reading, handwriting, improving prior work and taking part in learning intervnetions.

Registration takes place at 8.55 am and lessons begin at 9.00 am.

Monday to Thursday 2.55 pm
Friday (class assemblies) 2.45 pm*
*Parents are invited to class assemblies

11:00 - 11:15am

12:15 - 1.05pm
End of the Day:
Children will be brought out onto the playground at the end of the day and will be dismissed from the line once the adult picking them up has been identified.
Children attending after school club will be collected from the playground by after school club.
For pick up from extra-curricular clubs, please wait outside the main school gate and children will be dismissed from the entrance by the adult administering the club.

If you require any paper copies of information on our website, please contact the school office.