At Carrington Junior School we also have an 'Additional Resource Provision' (ARP). This placement is for up to eight children, who have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), with a primary need of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). The SEN team at County decide on the admission of pupils into the ARP based on the entry criteria.

This provision includes access to learning for some lessons within Blossom classroom, which is a dedicated teaching space with it's own cloakroom and toilet facilities. Members of staff are dedicated to children in Blossom with the aim to support children integrate, where possible, based on their individual need. Children in Blossom have access to a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist (SaLT) and an Occupational Therapist (OT) who visit on a weekly basis. Children access mainstream classes for varying percentages of their school week, according to their needs. They also have access to extra interventions, such as social skills groups, life skills and emotional regulation support. 

Our ARP aims to support the development of the children by providing specialist support within a mainstream school and by helping children fulfil their full potential. Children with ARP provision take part in school trips with their year groups and are fully included, where appropriate, in all aspects of school life.

Children with ARP provision are registered in Blossom and access their timetables for the day. Key curriculum information and school events are also displayed in Blossom classroom.

A home/school book is provided for the children where the Blossom staff add comments to inform parents what went well and any issues that occurred or any activities that would be beneficial to practise at home.  Parents are encouraged to write in these books to inform us of any changes of routine, evening/weekend activities or any incidents that may affect their child’s learning throughout the following day.

Annual reviews take place once a year but can be more often if deemed necessary.  The SENDCo, Blossom teacher, SaLT, OT and other relevant staff join the parents to discuss the child’s progress during the year and together make any changes to the child’s EHC Plan and set new outcomes.  

We also hold termly parent workshops for parents of children with ARP provision where we may invite specialists in to share ideas and strategies to improve outcomes for children with ASD.