The History Curriculum at Carrington Junior School


At Carrington Junior school, we inspire children to think like historians, to work with evidence, argue for their own conclusions, and learn to distinguish between historical facts and the way people interpret them. We want children to make emotional connections and express their own opinions about our local history, Britain’s history and history around the world by developing their enquiry skills. Above all, by the time children leave in year 6, they will be able to demonstrate they understand more about themselves as individuals, as members of society and the role they play in history.

The History Curriculum will:


  •        Allow children to understand how the world worked then and how it works now not only in Britain but in other cultures.
  •        Improve children’s decision making and judgment by showing them models of good and responsible citizenship and how to learn from the mistakes of others.
  •        Help children understand change and societal development and provides them a context from which to understand themselves and others.