Science at Carrington Junior School
Skills for success. Curiosity is key. 
At Carrington Junior School, we promote curiosity by developing scientific skills in order to cultivate knowledge and understanding of the diverse world around us.
In a country where the uptake of STEM subjects is low from secondary school onwards, it is imperative that we develop the scientists of the future. Through an inclusive curriculum, pupils build their scientific skills which offers the opportunity to apply maths, computing and technology expertise.
Pupils research and investigate problems and scenarios, communicating their scientific ideas through application of English skills, both orally and written. This provides the essential skills and enthusiasm to promote a life-long passion for STEM subjects and succeed in Science in secondary school and beyond.
In a recent pupil survey, 100% of pupils said they enjoyed their science lessons, particularly when they had a chance to explore for themselves.
The curriculum is organised to revisit and build upon prior knowledge as pupils pass through the school.

Science is the key to understanding how the world around us works.


At Carrington Junior School, science is delivered with a focus on working scientifically and giving pupils the opportunity to discover scientific facts for themselves wherever possible.