Reading with children

We all know that reading is important. We read all the time: to catch the bus, to find out the news, to book our holidays and much more. At Carrington Junior School we feel that, while it is undoubtedly an essential skill, it should also be fun. 
The links below will guide you to some truly fantastic books, appropriate for every age of pupil. Many of these books are available in our library, or where they are not can be ordered at the public library.
We hope you enjoy exploring exciting new worlds and learning fantastic facts.
Diamond Reading Challenge
This term we have a reading challenge for all pupils. Each pupil has been given a Diamond Challenge paper bookmark. If they can complete their challenge by reading enough books, pupils will earn a leather embossed bookmark celebrating our 60th year. 
Many pupils have already earned their bookmarks - well done!
Parent helpers in school
We are lucky to be part of a really supportive community at Carrington Junior School. Some of our parents are able to support us in school by listening to readers. Regular reading really helps pupils to make progress and we are grateful to everyone who helps us in this way.
If you are intersted in helping us by supporting readers in school, and can make a regular committment, please get in touch through the school office. 
We will be running a reading training session in December to update our helpers on our latest strategies and support methods.