PE and games

The PE Curriculum at Carrington Junior School



Living an active and healthy lifestyle has many benefits for both the individual and the wider community. It helps to break down social barriers and encourages understanding of others, as well as helping the individual to boost their mental health, resilience and gross motor skills.


The PE Curriculum will:


  •        foster an understanding of how to lead an active lifestyle by introducing children to a range of physical activities
  •        develop children’s understanding of how our bodies react to exercise
  •        develop gross motor skills through a range of different activities
  •        stimulate and encourage children’s creativity in creating sequences of movement
  •        encourage children’s teamwork skills and build an understanding of fair play
  •        develop children’s understanding of the importance of following rules
  •        encourage respect for others including those in positions of authority
  •        provide opportunities to develop children’s leadership skills
  •        lay the foundations for future PE study by pupils



PE at Carrington Junior School aims to inspire all children to develop a love of physical activity and sport. Through good physical education, whole school values and a whole child approach, we aim to nurture confident, resilient children who will strive for their personal best. We provide our children with a range of active experiences and clubs, both competitive and non-competitive. We want to aid our children in obtaining the values and skills to celebrate and respect the success of others, as well as modestly celebrating their own successes.

We aim to ensure that our delivery of physical education allows all children to have the skills and mindset to leave primary school with the capabilities to be successful in their sporting challenges and active lifestyles at secondary school and beyond. We strive to educate both our children and families to develop a greater understanding on how to live healthy lifestyles and make healthy choices. We are dedicated to ensuring healthy minds, as well as bodies and will continue to support our children's well-being. We have strong links with local clubs and partnerships within our community to ensure the children and families receive the support and knowledge they need to be healthy and successful.

We implement our intentions by:

-          Providing a fun and engaging PE curriculum which is balanced between indoor and outdoor activities.

-          Ensuring PE planning is adapted based on the individual needs of our pupils, through designing activities that challenge the more able and support pupils with SEND using the STEP (Space, Task, Equipment, People) principle.

-          Offering a wide range of sporting opportunities within each year group and ensuring different sports are taught across the whole school including multi-skills, football, tennis, hockey, tag rugby, dodgeball, netball, basketball, handball, athletics, dance, gymnastics, outdoor and adventurous activities, and swimming.

-          Delivering outstanding lessons in-line with our teachers’ expertise, whilst utilising the Get Set 4 PE scheme of work to support teachers’ planning.

-          Providing high quality PE teaching run by experts, in a variety of sports, including: cricket, football, hockey, dance and gymnastics.

-          Ensuring all pupils have opportunities to compete in intra-school and inter-school competitions, including sports day.

-          Planning and delivering competitions termly, within year groups, which match the sport in which the pupils have been learning.

-          Offering a variety of lunchtime supported play throughout the year, open to all pupils, including: multi-skills, skipping and 4-square.

-          Providing children with immediate feedback during lessons and challenging them to develop their cognitive, social, wellbeing or physical skills further. Ensuring children are provided with as many opportunities in weekly PE lessons to improve their personal best and enable children to feel empowered to challenge themselves further. 

-          Running after school clubs to promote the engagement of sport.

-          Ensuring all pupils lead an active school day through providing: regular brain breaks, playtimes using sports equipment, cross-curricular outdoor learning and a minimum of two hours of PE lessons a week.

-          Creating links with external providers to provide tasters of innovative sports e.g. curling, quidditch

Through a robust, clear, progressive scheme of learning, teachers will feel empowered to teach effective lessons that are inclusive for all. Using the STEP (Space, Task, Equipment, People) principle, all pupils will progress and achieve. Through a carefully considered curriculum map, children will build on previous learning ensuring that skills are constantly revisited and augmented. Quality of provision will be ensured through lesson observations and pupil feedback. Staff audits will ensure that subject specialists effectively upskill teachers to deliver with confidence.