The Geography Curriculum at Carrington Junior School

At Carrington Junior School, we intend children to have an awareness of who they are and where they come from. Know that geography is living, breathing and constantly adapting and celebrates a diversity of cultures. We want children to make emotional connections and express their own opinions about our local area and want to explore other areas within the United Kingdom and worldwide. Learning about the world and how people live around it gives children the opportunity to make decisions of how they could make an impact and be environmentally aware ensuring they have a world they want to grow old on. 


We intend to do this by:

  •        Using enquiry-based teaching. By adopting a pupil-centred approach, children make sense of new information and construct geographical knowledge and skills. By the time children leave in year 6, they will understand that geographical knowledge is constructed and how it came to be part of the world. Enquiry-based teaching enables us to challenge children beyond learning discrete facts, towards making connections, applying knowledge and questioning ideas. This ensures that children are actively engaged, as they make sense of the world around them.
  •        Teaching with the understanding that the three aims of the National Curriculum: Geographical Knowledge, Geographical Understanding, Geographical skills and enquiry, are highly connected and interdependent.
  •        Making real life and relevant cross-curricular links so that by the end of year 6, children demonstrate how their geographical skills can be applied in and outside of the classroom. Which allow children to understand their place in the world, how their actions have an impact upon others and the way that environments and landscapes are formed.
  •        Enhancing teacher’s pedagogical content knowledge and use technology and out of the classroom enrichment to inspire learning opportunities for children.