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November 2019

Carrington pupil Gemma (and her friends) delivered an inspiring assembly to the children of CJS. They spoke about Mellon Educate's quest to build a new school in South Africa to help educate the many children that currently go without schooling. The Carrington family duly came together and collected over a thousand pieces of brand-new stationery to help the start of the new school. 
Gemma's dad, Phil, was a part of the workforce that helped build a school to help brighten the future of the children from South Africa. He delivered the bags of stationery to the grateful recipients. Phil also handed over many handwritten letters that our pupils had written for theirs. Phil was part of a huge team that built a school which will hopefully occupy many learners for many generations to come. 
Both Gemma and her dad, Phil, deserve a lot of credit for highlighting the good work of Mellon Educate. In the new year, Phil has promised to come and share tales of all he experienced while abroad. 

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