Pupil Premium Reports

Pupil Premium Statement

What is it and what are the benefits

Pupil Premium (PP) is money allocated by the government to schools to spend to close the gap in educational success and achievement which currently exists both nationally and locally between ‘disadvantaged’ pupils and their peers.

There are currently three rates:

Service Child Premium - £300 per year

Pupil Premium - £1320 per year for primary aged children

Pupil Premium Plus - £1900 per year

Service Child Premium - Children of parents serving in the armed forces.

Pupil Premium - Children who have been eligible for free school meals at any time during the last 6 years.

Pupil Premium Plus - Children in care, children who have left care under a Residence Order on or after 14 October 1991 (under the Children Act 1989), children who have left care under a Special Guardianship Order on or after 30 December 2005 (under the Children Act 1989), children who were adopted from care on or after 30 December 2005 (under the Adoption and Children Act 2002).

At Carrington Junior School (CJS) we are committed to making sure that every child, whatever their circumstances, achieves the very best they can, so there is no gap in achievement for our disadvantaged children.

At CJS we use the Pupil Premium money we receive to give our Pupil Premium children support in the classroom that they particularly need to succeed in their learning, close any gaps between them and their peers and be the very best they can be. 

How is the money spent to support the children?

The school plans to spend the money to identify the specific needs and any barriers to learning for all Pupil Premium children through the following:

  • Assess your child’s needs and progress to plan learning programmes and interventions to overcome any barriers to learning and help the children succeed.
  • The focus will firstly be on reading, writing and maths, but other curriculum areas will be included.
  • Support to boost learning in other ways eg helping to improve attendance can be included in the programme.
  • The plan will take account of the research evidence of what is successful and works well in schools across the country and also of what will work at CJS to have a positive impact on learning outcomes for the children.
  • There will be staff training and support in place to ensure effective delivery of the plan.

How are we accountable for the spending of this money?

  • The school is accountable for its PP spending and activity.
  • The pupil premium governor visits the school regularly to ensure a plan is in place and to review the effectiveness of the pupil premium programme.
  • This reported to the governing body and an annual report on outcomes published on the web site. 
  • These reports are in separate documents posted on the web site. There is a review of the impact of the previous year PP spending and a plan for the following year.

How might the Pupil Premium be used to support my child at CJS?

Our plans for the academic year are developed in the Autumn term as teachers look at the needs of the new children in their classes and review the previous year outcomes.

Some examples of how you can expect us to provide additional support our PP Children with the money are:

  • After school ‘Premium Club’ and before school for basic reading, writing and maths and other subjects.
  • Additional interventions and in class teacher support to boost learning.
  • Interventions to help with other factors that improve learning- eg improving school attendance and motivation.
  • Assessments to better understand the barriers to learning for each individual child.
  • Staff training to deliver the PP plans.

If you believe your child needs support to overcome a barrier to learning that you have identified the then do please come and speak to the Headteacher or the Inclusion Manager.

How do I register for Pupil Premium?

The Pupil Premium money the school receives is based on the numbers of children from families who are also eligible to claim.

If your child is eligible for free school meals (FSM) please register them now so you don’t miss out on the extra educational support.

Please be reassured that if your child is registered as receiving PP support only your child’s teachers and finance admin staff will be aware of this.  In all other respects your child’s PP status remains confidential.

Does my Child meet the eligibility Criteria for Pupil Premium?

You can register your child for Free School Meals and Pupil Premium if you get any of these benefits:

  • Income Support
  • Income-based Jobseekers Allowance
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • The guaranteed element of State Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit (provided you’re not also entitled to Working Tax Credit and have an annual gross income of no more than £16,190)
  • Working Tax Credit run-on - paid for 4 weeks after you stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit
  • Universal Credit.

Children from forces families and looked after children are eligible for Pupil Premium.

Children who get any of the above benefits in their own right (ie. they get benefits payments directly, instead of through a parent or guardian) can also get free school meals.


At Carrington Junior School, we use high quality teaching and learning as the preferred and most effective way way to ensure those children achieve their potential.

We will also use high quality interventions with proven evidence of impact to assist our pupils who need additional support in a time limited way.

We also recognise the vital role that parents and carers play in the lives of their children and their success.

Pupil Premium will help ensure that children of all abilities reach their full potential.