Remote learning skills - Getting stuck in the pit and getting out again


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Getting stuck in the pit and getting out again
Our learning should be tricky. If it's just easy, then you probably aren't learning anything new. It's normal to get stuck when you are learning new things. You've all got the learning pit in your classrooms and your teacher will have spoken to you about it before. When we are stuck we need to try new strategies to unlock our learning. There are some ideas below to help you.  The link to the video above explains about the Learning Pit if you've forgotten.
When you're working in school, there is a teacher in the room, and all the people around you are working on the same thing, so it's easier to get help. So, what do you do at home? 
If you haven't already downloaded the remote learning mat, you can find it below this. The remote learning mat has lots of ideas to help you. 
When your teacher sets the learning there will always be an explanation, if you're not sure what to do, listen to it or watch it again. Pay special attention to the examples they show you. They might give you clues about how to complete your task. Part of your work will be similar to what the teacher has shown you. Some of your work will ask you to use those skills in a new way, or to do more examples of the same thing so you can get really good at it.
Read the instructions out loud. You brain absorbs information in different ways; Sometimes your ears are better for understanding than your eyes. 
Write ideas on paper or on a whiteboard. Sometimes it helps to make a few notes or try things out briefly, before getting going with your actual task.
Have a go. Try to make a start how you think it should be done. Sometimes getting started helps you to understand the task more. 
Ask yourself these learning questions. Have I done anything like this before? How did my teacher do it? What do I need to do first to get started? 
Ask a learning question on Teams. Even if your teacher is busy in a meeting, perhaps somebody in your class can help. 
Ask an adult in your home. Lots of your adults are busy with their own work, but if you have tried all the things above, you could try asking them if they could help you to get started. Then you should try to continue your work independently.