Relaxing and looking after yourself

Now that school is closed for a while, we can still be active with our learning, physical and mental health. Your teachers have set you some work to help you keep learning. But remember it is really important to look after your wellbeing too. We have been looking at ways we could do that in assemblies. 
  • Connect
Write a letter to someone which you can post or email. It's always interesting to find out what people have been up to. 
When we are together it feels better. Find time to connect with someone at home. Find out what they like doing or their favourite TV programme. 
With permission from an adult, contact somebody who lives somewhere else and have a chat with them. This could be a relative like and aunt or an uncle or a grandparent. 
  • Relax
Do something quiet that relaxes you. This could be some quiet drawing, reading for pleasure or writing for fun. Try listening to some music that you enjoy or do a craft or something else creative if that's what you enjoy. 
Be aware of the world around you: Look out of the window, what do you see? Draw or write about how that makes you feel. You might see some animals, or some new flowers or trees. Can you see any unusual cloud shapes?
Relaxing can include watching TV or playing games. Remember to balance your day out  and limit your time in front of a screen to stay healthy.
  • Energise
 It's important to keep active. Try to spend at least half an hour a day doing something active. If you have a garden you can use it but there are plenty of things you can do inside to stay active. Try some of these:
Dancing- If you love dancing why not practice your favourite routine or create a new one. Check out the movement videos on GoNoodle below.
Stretches and balances- Are you a gymnast or yoga enthusiast? Use the links below to try out some new stretches. Check out the 'Empower' section on GoNoodle below.
Skills- Do you have a sport you love? Can you choose a new skill and perfect it? 
  • Trying something new
Life is more fun when we try new things. How about you try a new activity today. Why not try to make a new structure out of Lego or learn a new dance or song. Perhaps you could try learning to juggle, make a tower out of playing cards or make a domino trail.
Whatever you choose, have something tricky to work towards. Do you think you can master something completely new by the time you get back to school?
  • Notice your feelings
Acknowledge the emotions in your jar. It's normal to feel worried if you're not sure what is going to happen but it's important to be positive too. You can always talk to an adult or write down your feelings in a notebook. Why not keep a record of one good or funny thing that happens every day? You'll soon have an amazing list to look back at. Some of the videos in the 'Flow' section of GoNoodle can help you to think about your feelings.
Why not download the Action for Happiness monthly calendar? It has small daily ideas to brighten up your day. 
The links below provide families with a range of resources to support well-being. These resources include links to other agencies.