Year 5 Anglo-Saxons Day

Year 5 Anglo-Saxon Day at Ufton Court
Wednesday 4th October, 2023

Year 5 took a trip to Ufton Court on Wednesday 4th October to learn about the Anglo-Saxon daily life, and the struggle between the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings to control England.

The children (and grown-ups) had such an epic day with immersive activities including weaving wool and fence panels, and making sparks with flint and steel. 

We held an Anglo-Saxon court where our criminals were tried for their crimes of husband killing, punching out someone's front teeth and stealing a chicken!

Finally we learnt some battle chants and had an Anglo-Saxons vs. Vikings battle! “UT, UT!”

The children were so excited for this trip and it didn't disappoint. For many pupils Ufton Court is the most memorable trip of their time in Junior School. A special thanks to the team at Ufton Court who make this experience truly special, and to our PTA for partly funding this trip.